Cost of penis enlargement surgery

Cost of penis enlargement surgery

By the way, a large part of the male population approaches this issue in vain, they have no visible reasons for it and their complexes are absolutely unfounded.

After all, a seven centimeter penis is considered smaller and shorter than average, and this fact varies significantly depending on race, predisposition and genetic heritage.

The partner's attitude to the size of your penis also largely influences the appearance of a feeling of coercion, because if you constantly talk about its insignificant size, over time the man will begin to think that way.

And when such a psychological trauma forms, the majority goes under the knife, knowing that he has completely normal sizes and does not need penis enlargement.

And at this moment it is very difficult to convince him, since this attitude occurred at a subconscious level, although it was certainly possible to simply rethink the way to satisfy a woman's needs.

Methods for increasing penis diameter.

There are many different ways to enlarge the penis, including medications, supplements, and mechanical stretching devices. But no matter how much their effectiveness is praised, the only truly productive method is surgical.

There are several options for such an intervention:

  • Prosthetics. During the operation, implants are implanted that, when the penis is excited, fill with blood and increase its thickness.
  • Layering. This technique involves wrapping skin from another part of the body around the penis. The operation is not complicated and there are practically no problems with the implementation. Additionally, penile skin has no common nerve endings and can be easily removed and reattached. The only thing you should be afraid of is rejection of the applied skin. This method increases the diameter to one centimeter.
  • Microsurgery. The operation is similar to the second case, but muscles are also transplanted in addition to the skin. This creates additional volume but also increases the likelihood of complications.

Penis enlargement surgeries

Penis enlargement requires more careful work because it affects many important functions and the consequences can be more serious. To lengthen the penis, doctors pull out the part of the penis that is initially hidden in the body, which means that it must be fixed almost to the surface. For this purpose, plastic surgery is also carried out. This lengthening method is the most effective of all.

Possible consequences of the operation

But not everything is so wonderful and simple; in fact, such an operation entails many undesirable consequences. Including the operation itself and the postoperative period. And if you have already thought about everything and made a decision, then be prepared that perhaps not everything will go as smoothly as you would like.

And the consequences can be as follows:

  • Bleeding when urinating
  • Pain during erection
  • Loss of feeling in the head

But that's not the worst part; most more serious problems can occur within a year:

  • deformation of the penis
  • tissue necrosis
  • impotence

This suggests that this process has not yet been fully improved and no one can guarantee a 100% positive result. And the price is anything but low considering such "additions".

Cost of penis enlargement surgery

A penis extension will cost you tens of thousands of conventional units. This includes the operation itself, anesthesia, hospitalization, medical observation after the operation and in addition, you can purchase an extender for a greater effect.

The thickening is even greater. A three-stage process in which the price will exceed one hundred thousand. So think about it: Is it worth spending so much money that you could potentially ruin your health?