How do you make your penis bigger and thicker?

how to increase the length and thickness of the penis

Even among men with normal-sized penises, such headlines arouse genuine interest: "What, is this really possible? "Well, I don't actually need it that much, but still. . . " It's worth noting that men who suffer from penile dysmorphophobia (excessive preoccupation with the size and shape of the penis that has no particular basis) should read each of these articlesperceive it as a gift from God and immediately direct your gaze to the text?

And they say only women create problems for themselves out of nothing! According to statistics, the average length of the erect penis is 5. 16 inches (13. 11 cm). Almost 90% of men have a height that is exactly in the normal range - from 4 to 6 inches (10. 16 - 15. 24 cm).

In a survey of 52, 031 heterosexual men and women, researchers reported that 85% of women reported being satisfied with their partner's penis size, but only 55% of men were satisfied with penis size.

Seth Cohen, MD, a urologist at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, often sees patients who express concerns about their size and are interested in penis enlargement. "What I want to ask them most is: Are you sure their partners really want this? Or did they invent it themselves? We tend to think through our partners' desires for them. But in reality it turns out that they don't care. "They just want sex, " says Seth.

Are you determined and not convinced by our arguments? Then we present you a list of the most popular penis enlargement procedures.

Surgical lengthening

During this procedure, the patient's suspensor ligament, which anchors the penis to the pubic bone, is severed. This visually increases the length of the penis. "Imagine a suspension bridge whose pillars are cut - this is how it works. However, in fact, I really do not recommend that you resort to this operation. "Your erect penis will never be the same again, " warns Seth.

surgical extension

Surgical thickening

Some doctors offer a procedure in which the patient's own fat or a substance such as Alloderm is injected into the penis. This is sterilized tissue obtained from donor skin. It is wrapped under the skin of the penis (like seaweed wrapping sushi), increasing the girth of the organ.

By the way, Alloderm was not originally intended for such manipulations. This substance is used to treat burns and in reconstructive surgery, and not to enlarge the male reproductive organ. There are reports of complications such as infections and skin necrosis in the medical literature.


To increase the thickness of the penis, some doctors give their patients injections similar to those used to enlarge lips, raise eyebrows and correct smile lines. "I have not performed such procedures, but I have seen this several times. It all depends on the substance used for injection. Restylane and Juvederm have been tested multiple times. They are used as fillers for cheeks, chin and other parts of the body. Their effect usually lasts for six months. These substances have not been tested well on the penis. We simply don't have the data and can't say what the outcome will be in the long term, " explains Cohen.

Penis enlargement injections

"The penis is a vascular organ full of smooth muscles. You may end up with something lumpy, bumpy and smudged - not at all what you were hoping for, " warns Seth.


Permanent implants that are placed under the skin have been available for decades. They were previously used to treat patients with persistent erectile dysfunction. But in 2004, the Food and Drug Administration approved a silicone sleeve called Penuma for cosmetic penis enlargement. It costs $13, 000. The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, examined 400 men who were given the opportunity to try Penuma implants. What did the test subjects get? The average indicator is as follows: the thickness of the penis increased by 56. 7%. A pretty good result. And after two years, 81% of men reported being "highly" or "very highly" satisfied with their new sex lives.

Nevertheless, on the one hand, one can count the urologists who would support such an intervention. "Penile implants are intended for men with erectile dysfunction that cannot be treated with more conservative treatments, " says Dr. Landon Trost, a urologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Landon also warns that such surgeries are very risky. There isa high likelihood of complications. "The vast majority of sexual health professionals advise against using fillers or penuma for these purposes, " warns Trost.

Penile enlargement implants

extension cable

The extender is attached to the penis (not erect). You have to walk with it for a long time - usually several hours a day. This can really help, but you will have to wait several months for the results. "Almost everything in our body can be stretched, including the penis. "People have been doing this for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, " says Trost, who happens to be the inventor of a device called RestoreX. The device is designed to help men who suffer from Peyronie's disease, a condition that causes oneunnatural curvature of the penis.

Almost all men who took part in the RestoreX study achieved positive results. "As the circumference of the penis increases, everything becomes more complicated. There are no known treatments that show real results without injections or surgery, " says Trost.


There is a lot of information on the Internet about jelqing and special stretching exercises - when performing them, the flaccid penis is stretched and massaged with the fingers or a special device. However, the result achieved is not permanent and such manipulations carry significant risk. "I have had many patients come to me after jelqing and could hardly hold back the tears. Common consequences include a numb penis, ruptured or strained arteries and veins, and erectile dysfunction, " warns Cohen. An impressive list, isn't it? Cohen also adds that some of jelqing's "side effects" are simply irreversible.

Jelqing for penis enlargement


Vacuum pumps work like a pump - they cause blood flow to the penis. However, the resulting effect is short-term.

37 men took part in the study, published in the specialist journal BJU Interantional. They used vacuum pumps for 20 minutes three times a week for six months. What were the results? Absolutely unimpressive - the length of the penis increases slightly and the test subjects themselves were not very satisfied with the experiment.

Even to treat erectile dysfunction, Trost advises against using pumps because it can only make the problem worse. "We need to find out whether erectile dysfunction is caused by young men trying to increase penile girth using these devices. "As far as treating ED . . . patients make several attempts and then put the device on the shelf, " he says.


Don't believe everything you see on the internet. No matter how tempting the advertising is, no matter how happy the men and their girlfriends look on the colorful banners promoting a product, use common sense. No magic pill can enlarge your penis - that's what science says. "There are no supplements that will make your penis bigger, " says Cohen.

Penis enlargement pills

weight loss

A very simple way to visually enlarge your penis. This is especially true for overweight men - fat in the pubic area can protrude beyond the penis and visually make it smaller. Due to particularly severe cases, the term "buried penis syndrome" even appeared.

Being overweight can seriously complicate your life. Talk to your doctor about whether losing weight, changing your diet, and increasing exercise can help solve your sexual problems. Often the methods mentioned above actually have a positive effect and help to deal with the problem of erectile dysfunction.


The easiest way to visually enlarge your penis is to get an intimate haircut. If you shorten the hair at the base of the penis, its length will visually increase. The main thing is to be careful. There is a wide range of razors on the market - razors and attachments will help you achieve better results and avoid cuts in this extremely sensitive area.

Hair removal makes the penis appear larger

Penile dysmorphophobia

This industry is evolving. Thanks largely to porn and pop culture, men are literally becoming obsessed. They develop unrealistic expectations about what a penis should look like.

Psychologists call it "small penis fear" or "penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD)" - an irrational, unshakable belief that the size of the penis is unsatisfactory. "That’s what gets stuck in our heads. You watch porn and all the actors have such huge penises. But do not forget that they often use various tricks and achieve an erection artificially. "Don’t believe everything you see on the screen, " Cohen concludes.

So what do we end up with? Let me paraphrase a well-known saying: "It is better to have a bird in your hand than to go to the urologist with tears in your eyes. "